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Do NOT trust Feefo Reviews, they are NOT true! The reviews posted on Feefo certainly cannot be trusted. After reading the reviews posted on an online website, all appeared to be very good, after purchasing I found out what they were really like!!!

Write to us. Guest Relations. Carnival House. Harbour Parade. Southampton. Hampshire. SO15 1ST. How feefo ratings & reviews work. As there was an outbtreak of norovirus three days into our holiday this left us feeling very unhappy to start with.

There is a continual selling approach. Seller ratings which refer to a service, require a minimum of unique reviews and have an average rating of stars while product ratings refer to the product itself require a minimum of 50 reviews.

Read our independent reviews to see what our customers say about our cruise holidays, ships and experiences. Book your cruise holiday online today. The Cardea Anti-Tamper Cover is designed to fit over existing window restrictors which are no longer compliant with HSE guidelines released in to ensure.

Trafalgar Tours reviews: The tunnels to the vatican need to be looked at. Bus window holiday. Truck stop food. Bad European Splendor Trip. Amazing Ireland between 9/9 - 9/22/ (FANTASTIC!!).

Needed medical help. Trafalgar sucks. We were not picked up at the airport.

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