Van brummelen curriculum orientation

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What are Van Brummelen's Four Curriculum Orientations?

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Is There Any Such Thing as Neutral Curriculum? [Van Brummelen's thoughts]

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In October, the Education Curriculum Resource Centre in Trinity Western University’s Norma Marion Alloway Library was renamed in Van Brummelen’s honour. Over people were on hand to honour the contributions he made to the field of Education, and to the University and its students, faculty, and staff.

of curriculum orientations raises the bar of curriculum reform from the mere substitution of one conceptual model for another to the preference of one way of life over all others. The investigation reveals that Van Brummelen’s presentation of.

As Van Brummlen initially provided the four curriculum orientations prior to exploring further as traditionalist, process/mastery supporters, experientialists and proponents of a Christian curriculum orientation (Van Brummelen, p. ). This article presents the author's response to John Hull's thoughtful evaluation of his article on shaping school curriculum in which many Christian educators have played a part.

The author cites that particularly pertinent in Hull's paper is his contention that living a life of discipleship as a school community is at least as significant as having an orientation in shaping school curriculum. In Van Brummelen’s book there are four different curriculum orientations discussed.

The four curriculum orientations discussed are "the traditional, the process / mastery, the experiential, and the Christian orientation" (p. 25). Van Brummelen suggests that when developing a curriculum plan the teacher or administrator should keep four “societal frame factors” in mind: economic context, social .

Van brummelen curriculum orientation
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