Reviewing friction an ethnography of global connection essay

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Book Review: Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection

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“Awkward” also defines her metaphorical-analytical tool of “friction,” which she defines as the “awkward, unequal, unstable, and creative qualities of interconnection across difference” (4).

HOME Free Essays Reviewing Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection. Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing’s seminal work Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection attempts at a critical examination of the widespread principle of worldwide associations lingering almost everywhere.

While Tsing explicates that her work “is not a history of. Global connections are everywhere. So how does one study the global? This book is about aspirations for global connection and how they come life in “friction,” the grip of worldly encounter.

Capitalism, science, and politics all depend on global connections. Each spreads through aspirations fulfilluniversaldreams and schemes. Yet this is a particular kind of universality: It can only be charged and enacted in the.

It should focus on Tsing’s book Friction. Your task is to 1), describe at least two of the theoretical frameworks Tsing uses to examine the culture and community of the Meratus Dayaks in Indonesian Borneo, and 2) apply at least one of those to one of the other situations that are Democracy, Religion, Science, Aesthetics, Continue reading "Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection".

HOME Free Essays Reviewing Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection. Reviewing Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection Essay Friction inevitably draws the parallels between universality of a supreme being which is God and the universality of nature through the environment for generating the link between Nature and God.

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Reviewing friction an ethnography of global connection essay
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