Literature review on microfinance in india

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Literature Review Of Microfinance In India

Truman and chaired by Tom Rockefeller. Microfinance in India: Issues, Problems and Prospects: A Critical Review of Literature discusses in detail the prevalent microcredit programs currently being employed in India.

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It focuses on its limitations and discusses viable $ 1 Microfinance and micro-credit are used interchangeably here. However, in the literature, microfinance is also used in a broader sense to cover financial services such as. A Literature Review of Micro Finance in India. A Review of Literature on Micro Finance and.

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The present paper reviews the various issues which so far have been addressed in the literature of microfinance. To examine the Impact of Micro finance institutions in rural Areas.

Impact of microcredit

Factors that Affect Financial Sustainability of Microfinance Institution: Literature Review Aderaw Gashayie 1* Dr Manjit Singh 2 Research Fellow, School of Applied Management Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala, India Sarma and Borbora(n.d) conducted a study on the financial sustainability of microfinance institutions in india by.

Microfinance Reports MicroSave Update on Andhra Pradesh Microfinance Crisis. MicroSave Update – Compendium of News on Andhra Crisis The Turn of Events and Current Status There are times when “I. The literature review helped us understand the growth and dynamics of the microfinance industry.

In the next phase, we studied published data for twenty leading MFIs.

Literature review on microfinance in india
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