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Investments & Insurance. Investment Services Account (Online MF A/c): To know the applicable charges, please contact your nearest Branch. Mutual Funds: To know the.

Gold Star Mortgage Financial is a multibillion dollar home loan originator focused on customer service and building lifelong relationships. LB Finance’s Gold Loans service is one of the most TRUSTED and CONVENIENT options for financial emergencies of all Sri Lankans.

We are the market leader for Gold Loans business among the Non-Banking Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka and we provide our services for a fast growing portfolio of satisfied customers.

Pay Now. Simplify the process of paying your outstanding loans, by choosing to pay them online. easy, and safe; you can make the payments as per your convenience. You can make the most of this service for all your Gold Loans, Commercial Vehicle Loans, SME Loans, Health Care Finance and Supply Chain Finance.

All Customers currently. FEDERAL BANK - Your Perfect banking Partner We are delighted to declare the revised gram per rates for all gold loans. Customers can check here the scheme and .

Gold loan service
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