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Analysing Benjamin Percy’s

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Analysing Benjamin Percy’s

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Then we stripped. Nothing near the same readymade audience exists for a fantastically raw short story by Benjamin Percy called “Refresh, Refresh,” despite its inclusion in the Best American Short Stories and the Pushcart Prize anthologies. And, most likely.

The title story in Percy’s collection won the Plimpton and Pushcart prizes and was anthologized in Best American Short Stories ofand justly so. In it, the small town of Tumalo, Oregon, loses its coaches, teachers, barbers, and cooks when the army deploys a batallion of part-time soldiers to Iraq.

Analysis of “Refresh, Refresh,” by Benjamin Percy points Due Dates: Sun 4/Mon 4/ Thesis sentence due for Analysis #1.

Benjamin Percy’s “Refresh, Refresh”

E-mail me your sentence by midnight, Sunday 4/10, and bring a paper copy to class to work with. Fri 4/ Due in writing groups. At least 2 full pages, word-processed and double- spaced.

Bring 3 copies. Author bio: Benjamin Percy was raised in the high desert of Central Oregon. His stories have appeared in Glimmer Train, the Chicago Tribune, Best American Short Stories and many other publications.

The Paris Review awarded their Plimpton Prize to his story, Refresh, Refresh. i-iv. the north american review aniv / miscelldxe 0 us jo uiljvdl. vol. xl new seriesvol. ii. boston: pubushed ~y cummings and hilliard, no. 1 cornhill.

Analysing benjamin percys refresh refresh
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the short review: Refresh, Refresh by Benjamin Percy